Voice of Thiruvalluvar

அறனீனும் இன்பமும் ஈனும் திறனறிந்து
தீதின்றி வந்த பொருள்.

– குறள் 4, அதிகாரம் 76

குற்றமற்ற வழியில் திறமையால் பெற்றசெல்வம், அறமும், இன்பமும் தரும்.

The wealth acquired through proper means and without foul practices will yield virtue and happiness.

Our Vision

To be the most admired, valuable, growing, non-banking Nidhi company, through Excellent professional performance, and unparalleled service, creating value for stakeholders.

Our Mission

  • To ensure high standards of business ethics and corporate governance beyond tradition.
  • To Maximize growth and Stakeholders wealth.
  • To recognize human resources as the most valuable asset and foster a culture of participation for mutual relationship and growth.
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